Keystones 4 Vitality
In this one day program the objective is to directly enhance the level of an employee’s healthy response to challenging situations. Teaching participants the importance of achieving self-awareness leads to self-management and improved engagement. A life in balance is essential to reach one’s full potential and to sustain top performance. 

The program uses a method of combining reflective and practical exercises in a variety of sessions offered from 3 different perspectives. A Personal Action Plan will be developed short term and they will be able to choose a buddy to support  themselves.

Additional support is available with a follow-up session ca. 2 weeks later as well as weekly email support for 10 weeks following the training. This is to ensure that the knowledge shared and learned is  lasting.

Learning objectives

Participants will

  • Gain insights into stress – what it is, and how toxic when left unmanaged
  • Recognize their personal physical signs and symptoms of low resiliency
  • Identify their  personal energy drainers
  • Learn how important  daily recovery is to reduce the effects of overwhelming situations
  • Learn  & apply self-awareness exercises to ensure they stay fit
  • Develop personal solutions to balance energy and vitality
  • Be introduced to heart rate variability and  the heart – brain emotional communication  link
  • Learn & apply techniques to develop emotional self-mastery
  • Develop and experience resiliency through various mental, emotional and physical exercises so that they have  a diverse battery of techniques at their use anywhere, anytime

Business outcomes

  • More balanced, healthier and motivated personnel who have learned the skills to quickly recover from high stress situations. They will have better self-management skills including a greater ability to self-regulate their emotions. This in turn will provide them with a higher level of creative, logical thinking when the pressure is on. 

Audience: all levels within the organization.

Program: duration 1 Day

Number of participants:  in consultation

Delivery: On location of choice  by client
Attitude Creations in partnership with Keystone Success