What is Meditation?

Meditation helps you to perform at your best level. Physical exerciseincreases physical stamina and strengthens your muscles, but meditation trains your mind. It teaches you to live in the moment and to focus on what is here and now. Your concentration and performance will improve through meditation.

Meditation can help you cope with stress and high demanding jobs. Often employees are more concerned with performing, than with ‘being’ and ‘feeling’. Meditation can teach you how to take a step back (helicopter view), evaluate and then reconnect.

How does Meditation work?

“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf” Sometimes you cannot find peace of mind and all kinds of thoughts keep popping up in your mind. Did I return that call, did I send those invoices? We cannot switch off our thoughts, but we can learn how to restrain them. Meditation will help you do exactly that. It will help you to control and train your mind. Moreover, it helps you to become aware of the thoughts that keep on springing up in your mind and of the feelings that tend to dominate your consciousness. This process can be very insightful.

You will learn to focus on your breath and to slow down your thoughts. Also, you will get insights into your thoughts, you’ll learn how to silence them and how to increase your power of thought. You will examine your thought patterns and how they may hold you back. By creating awareness you will start to understand your mind and you will learn how to create new patterns and solutions, which you can implement in practice.

Benefits Meditation

  • Increases concentration, self-awareness and mental fitness
  • Can prevent prolonged absence from work due to chronic stress/burnout
  • Gives satisfaction, vitality and resilience
  • Stimulates personal development
  • Gives peace and reduces anxiety
  • Frees you from constraining thought patterns
  • Increases empathy
  • Gives perspective and clarity
  • Increases productivity and decreases sickness absenteeism; physically and mentally fit employees are more productive.

Meditation duration
Minimum 8 meetings, 1,5 hour sessions, over a period of 16 weeks. Revision meeting after 5 weeks.

Applicable to all levels(employees) within an organisation
Start with a pilot meeting if it is new to the organisation
Assessment at first and final session

Background information