Pauline van der Lee

"My motto:Where attention goes, energy flows & life grows!" 

The meaning of my work for me is to give universal values personal relevance and to experience them in everyday life. I work with different organisations, all with their own atmosphere and culture. Respect for the company culture and while preserving my own identity to me is of the greatest importance. Integrity is key. During my training sessions, Nia fitness work-outs and individual coaching sessions I focus on physical and mental vitality, in order for participants to relax and develop their own strengths.

The first conscious step in my personal development was meditation. Meditation gives me inner peace and clarity. That is how I discovered my passion: coaching people in a creative and effective way. To help them experience that their intentions are based on personal values, to help them overcome their barriers, so that these values will become visible.

I studied Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming at the Hogeschool Midden Nederland and after that I did the VO-study of movement expression in coaching and assistance. In 1996 I started studying meditation at the Spirituele Academie. At the moment I am both a student and a teacher at this academy. In 2007 I did the Nia training (white and green belt) to empower the connecting between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I'm a licensed Nia Trainer and well-being fitness and lifestyle coach. After I got my Nia trainer certificate I started my own company AttitudeCreations 2007. At this moment I research action metaphors in coaching.