Fitness Experience

Tex Gunning, Lid Raad van Bestuur Akzo Nobel
The training that Nia brings to business leaders is long overdue. It helps people to become conscious again about the importance of their physical bodies to be effective in their lives & work.If the body is fit and conscious the effectiveness of the total persona increases dramatically.
I strongly recommend that all organizations and training seminars explicitly develop a physical program that helps their people to realize the importance of physical energy, physical intelligence (gut feel), physical communication (body language) & physical confidence.
Depending on the needs of your company, program, training, they design tailor made programs.

Femke Ottevanger, Program developer,management centre De Baak 
One more time I would like to say that I really enjoyed Nia training and that I felt extremely fit afterwards. By the looks of it, my participants seemed to like it very much as well! I have recommended you to several people and will give them your contact details. I enjoy working with you; you have a very pleasant energy about you. If it’s up to me, I would say ‘to be continued’ and we’ll see each other in other programs.

Frederike Boeren, Partner De Beukelaar Groep
I attended a Nia class in a beautiful location at Landgoed Duinlust in Overveen. This was my first introduction to NIA. The idea of Nia is that you establish a deep connection with your body, your mind and your emotions through music-inspired movement. Pauline creates a safe space which makes it easy for you to participate in her class without holding back. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and invite you to freely follow the moves she offers. There is no right or wrong, just do what feels good to you, at your own pace and in your own way. For me it was an inspiring experience, which has given me much joy and relaxation and it also connected me to my inner consciousness. You automatically focus inwards and after attending one class you will definitely want to attend the next one too!

Caroline van leuven, Indivisible NVL Consult BV
Together with two consultants Pauline gave a fantastic training at the European PWN Amsterdam. The theme was Stress management in a working woman’s world. I was impressed by her performance and by the effect of the training, which indeed resulted in a moment of relaxation after a busy day at work. Afterwards Pauline invited me to attend a Nia class, which I enjoyed very much.
Pauline runs her classes skilfully and with suitable enthusiasm. In a very pleasant way she takes her participants on an hour-long journey full of slow-paced movement with good music in a beautiful room on a special location. To her it is more important to have fun than to do the exercises the ‘right’ way. Moving and dancing like this has made me realise how important it is to make time for physical exercise, while still enjoying myself. I don’t have to make myself go through a routine set of exercises anymore, because I actually enjoy exercising now. Exercise and spirituality blend perfectly in Pauline’s classes.