Coaching (start-up) companies


Successful coaching not only improves the day to day life of a coachee, but also brings improvements and innovation to the company he/she works at.

I am passionate about working with start-ups because they need to change rapidly, there is a willingness to adapt and there are no change-impeding structures. Moreover, employees really want to move forward. My coaching style is based on the premise that if you embrace change instead of resisting it, you will be able to make significant progress in your personal development. This style fits well within the start-up environment.

Start-ups use Agile (Scrum), Lean and Kaizen methods in order to improve their efficiency. This means they do not accept the status quo and continuously assess progress and identify problems and needs. Consequently, processes are adjusted and readjusted in order to gain better results. Employees need to be able to adjust to new circumstances quickly. They need to be as agile as the environment they work in. One of the prerequisites to effective functioning in an agile environment is personal stability.

Personal development is a continuous learning process. During short feedback/coaching sessions we seek to understand the issue, create solutions, keep track of progress and establish needs.

On the individual level employees will gain personal strenght and awareness and on a corporate level, they will be better able to work within the highly demanding, continuously changing environment of a start-up.

Coaching results