Individual Coaching

Coaching is directed at optimizing someone’s personal and professional performance. Dialogue between coach and coachee is essential. Once a safe and open space is established, themes such as vision & intrinsic motivation, (leadership) skills, focus, self-respect, a positive attitude in communication, handling changes and career planning are addressed. What are your possibilities, what do you want and how will you get there? These are important questions in coaching.




Step-by-step we will work towards your goal. During these sessions you will come to new insights about your specific role. "Who am I, what do I want, what is my role and what would I like to achieve?" If you are able to implement your vision of who you are and what you want into your daily life, it will increase your creativity, you will receive more appreciation and most importantly, you will enjoy your life/work more!

In general we need 5-7 sessions in order to make good progress and to achieve goals. Depending on the expectation/needs of the coachee this can include take-home exercises.